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When companies address potential substance abuse issues with proactive programming, many of these issues improve greatly. Programs for education and substance-abuse assistance result in significant performance-related improvements. In other words, it does not pay to ignore substance abuse in the workplace, and it does not pay to simply discount those employees with issues. Offering help improves the bottom line and helps people. This is why we encourage people to talk about this subject. It will make a direct impact in so many lives. It will improve the quality of life at home and at work. For the employees, co-workers, family Alcohol Rehabs that take Aetna Policy members and those afflicted with addiction . One tool that can have a significant impact on workplace substance abuse is an employee assistance program (EAP) . These types of programs offer counseling and assistance in connecting employees who have abuse issues with treatment programs . Also, encouraging people in recovery to work helps them maintain their sober lives. These programs may also provide the following benefits: For these programs to be effective, drug testing, trained staff, and workplace monitoring should be in place to implement this type of treatment. While it may add to overhead for the business, the benefits of increased productivity, less absenteeism, improved decision-making and lower turnover may offset the cost of an EAP. Eligible employees who choose to take advantage of an EAP may also utilize FMLA leave to enroll in rehab. This provides adequate time for long-term residential care if it’s needed, without jeopardizing the employee’s employment. Nova maintains relationships with several different companies to provide EAPs for employees who have substance abuse problems. With a full continuum of care spanning detox, rehab, sober living, personal monitoring, and aftercare, Nova provides the long-term treatment clients need to regain their health and become an active and contributing member of the workforce. This is not only beneficial for the employee, but also for the employer. Nova will also work with the EAP representative to make sure the client has an adjusted work schedule that encompasses their addiction treatment and their job duties at work. Once employees have completed rehab, many EAPs also provide assistance re-integrating into the workplace. What to Do If You Suspect Drug and Alcohol Abuse in the Workplace An important first step in addressing the problem of substance abuse in the workplace is the awareness that it is a common problem not just shared by families and friends, but one that also extends into employers’ and employees’ relationships. Once acknowledged, the resources between employers who have the means and motivation to offer recovery aid to employees who need treatment can have a profound positive impact on society at large.

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where heroin came from